Thursday, January 16, 2003

I suppose some people may wonder about the name Kronos and why they've chosen that name for an automated timekeeping system.

Kronos (sometimes spelled Khronos or Chronos) was a god of ancient Greece. And Kronos was no minor, second-rate diety. He was the God of Time.

But the real reason that they named this timekeeping system after him is that Kronos had a nasty habit of eating his own children.

Monday, January 13, 2003

I came in to work for a few hours Saturday but didn't write an entry because I was too busy. But here's what I thought about:

Working late or coming in on the weekend has never bothered me before. It's a part of the job. I'm not counting hours, after all: I'm a professional; I'm going to do what it takes to get the task done.

But somehow clocking in changes the way I feel. Suddenly, someone is counting hours for the first time. Finally it hit me. Ovetime. If you don't count hours, there is no such thing as overtime, and so I never thought of it before. But now that I'm counting, the concept of overtime has materialized.

And the worst part is that I'm working overtime -- but I'm not being paid for it.

If I'm going to be treated like an hourly employee, then I'd like the overtime pay, please. Or treat me like a salaried employee and don't clock my hours.